You know your company the best and we know web design. Together we will be unstoppable

The Perfect Storm


Tell us about your company. What are you hoping to achieve with your website? Remember, this is your website and at the end of the day we want to build what you want.


We will design you a clean, modern and user friendly website. Using modern web design techniques, we will design a layout that will get your point across. It will be more than just a scrollable, clickable website, we build websites that come alive.


Each website we build is custom coded. We use the best coding standards to keep your site running at optimal performance. Custom code also gives us the opportunity to enhance search engine optimization.


Once your website is perfect we go live. We will teach you how take control and maintain your WordPress website. Now watch as your new website helps your company soar above the clouds!


Cloud Creations websites are built on the WordPress Content Management System (CMS). We build a custom theme for each client to ensure optimal performance. WordPress is the #1 CMS in the world, powering over 74 million websites. We use WordPress because it is open source and gives us access to thousands of plugins. WordPress is frequently updated and maintained by a passionate community of developers, making it the most secure CMS on the planet. WordPress is easy to use and gives you the power to make updates and changes to your website without the need for a web developer. We use WordPress because it is a CMS that almost every web developer knows how to work with. This ensures our clients that they will not be “stuck with us” if they ever want to switch to a new developer in the future. WordPress is easily scalable and can grow with your business.

Mobile Friendly

All Cloud Creations websites are designed and coded with mobile devices in mind. We test our sites on all screen sizes. Adjusting the user interface to function best when navigating your site on a touch screen phone or tablet. Your site will look great on the biggest desktop displays, the smallest mobile devices and anywhere in between.

Search Engine Optimized

What happens when someone searches for your services and you are nowhere to be found? They click on your competitor’s website! Not good! In today’s world, people are turning to the internet to research and find companies to do business with. Your online presence is crucial! We focus on the specific keywords that someone would search for when they are looking for your service. We place these keywords in our code and use the best HTML5 coding standards to boost your organic search ranking. That way when someone searches for you, you will be found.


Looking to sell services or products online? We got you covered! Let us introduce you to WooCommerce, the #1 ecommerce solution for WordPress. WooCommerce is a simple, yet powerfull WordPress Plugin that creates a sophisticated online store for your website. Create products, manage inventory, create coupons, schedule sale discounts, and more. WooCommerce is equipped to accept payment from services such as PayPal and Stripe and because it’s open source, there is a massive resource of extensions that can meet all your online store needs.

Location Independent

Cloud Creations is a location independent company. We believe a fancy office space for doing web design is unnecessary. Unlike our biggest competitors, our clients are not charged extra to cover the costs of an expensive office. Why pay extra for your web designer to sit in a comfy office? The only item a web designer needs is a trusty laptop with a wifi connection to complete any web project. Our location independence allows us to work from home or on the road. It lets us live life to the fullest, which keeps us inspired and motivated in our work.

We know starting a website can be a confusing and daunting task. Especially, if you are not the most tech savvy. It’s OK, web design is our thing and it’s what we do. If you are feeling foggy about anything let us know. We will clear it up for you in the simplest way we can.

Go ahead. Don’t be shy!

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We are based in North Battleford, Saskatchewan and serve clients across Western Canada and beyond.