Who we are & what we do

We are a couple of passionate artists, craftsmen, & tech-nerds that love what we do. We see web design as painting with pixels and we love creating unique pieces to show to the world.

At Cloud Creations, we specialize in building premium quality WordPress & Laravel websites that stand out from the competition. Easy-going, personal, friendly, & responsive service, Guaranteed. We are a location independent company that works remotely from anywhere and our clients are not charged extra to cover the costs of an expensive office space. Currently we are located in Saskatoon, SK, Canada.

We love how the internet connects the world and we’re so glad that you’ve connected with us.

What our clients say about us


How long does it take to develop a website?

How long it takes to develop a website is dependent upon a few factors. The more content needed and the higher the number of pages, the longer a site takes. Simple websites can take 1 month from the start of design to the end of development. Larger sites can take a few months or more. Of course this is dependent on how quickly you get back to us too, the faster the communication the quicker we can work. What is most important is that we stay in touch over the entire process so you are never left wondering. View our website development process.

What type of websites do you build?

We design and develop ecommerce stores, small business websites, booking and reservation systems, mid-large business marketing websites, entrepreneur personal profiles and more, we can build it all. We like to build Wordpress and Laravel websites because the end product is easy for our clients to update with or without us. Wordpress for simpler sites and Laravel for more robust platforms. We love to build functionality into our websites. If you need to schedule clients, process payments, or even display and book events, we can develop a site to handle it all. View our website development process.

Can you build us an ecommerce store?

Yes we certainly can build an ecommerce store! We like to build beautiful online storefronts that are a pleasure to visit. Customized categories of products, intelligent search AI, product suggestions and smooth payment processing can all be built into your website. View some of our work.

Can I update my website after it is done?

Yes you can. We work hard to ensure our wordpress sites have a simple backend that makes updating your website a breeze. That being said, if you need our help to update or make changes we are always here.

How much does it cost to develop a website?

It can vary widely based on size, design, content and functionality. We start at a base price for a simple website consisting of 4 pages + a contact form. Reach out for a free quote.

Can I get a logo designed with my website?

Yes you can get a logo designed by us. We love refreshing brands and giving them a new look. Check out the logo's we made for Xperium and The Wilson Battleford's Initiative in our portfolio.

Do you build custom or template websites?

We like to design and build our websites specifically for each client. We believe in providing our clients with a unique website so they can stand out from the competition. Template and website builder products are laden with unnecessary code that can slow them down and lower their SEO, so we like to stick to custom builds for optimal performance and endless customization. The end product is high quality and as individual as you are. View some of our past websites.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for, "search engine optimization". You want this done well so that your site ranks higher in search results. Visibility is key when it comes to finding new customers. We use modern development techniques to help your site appear to potential customers. Chat with us about having your site optimized.

Where are you located?

We operate as a location independent company. This means we can work remotely from anywhere and you can be from anywhere too. We service clients all over the world and our clients benefit from our low overhead costs. No office, lower cost, happier workers, better websites. View more about us.

Can I design my own website?

We love making our clients dreams come true and we love collaborating. If you have big ideas we love to make them happen. Of course, we will always advise you on the best web design and development standards to ensure the site turns out great. All our clients approve their website design before we proceed to developing the site, feedback and changes welcome. View our entire development process.

Why should I pick you over a website builder like squarespace or wix?

If you have a small website budget squarespace and wix are great options. The limiting factor of website builders is that you are choosing templates that everyone picks from and the code is bulky and not ideal for SEO. You also have limited control over what you can add, and how the site functions. You'll still have to build it yourself and make a ton of micro-decisions that may not end in a desired result. When you hire a professional you end up with professional results. We build, think about, live and breath websites! There are a ton of small details that make a site look great, and we look for and design them into all of our custom websites. If you want to take business growth seriously, a custom site is the way to go. Not only for looks, but functionality as well. We build custom back-ends into our sites and code them for ideal SEO, performance and user experience. Reach out for your free quote.