Business Type Bloggers

Create a bold and fun design that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Develop the website so it can be easily customized and adjusted as the seasons change. A strong focus on content entry.

Service Solution

Website Design

  • Custom Block Theme Design
  • Add Lifestyle Blog Features
  • Brand Support

A Bold Theme

Creating a bold, block theme for WordPress was a must for Potted. With a focus on their blog entries, the design needed to be flexible, adjusting to the seasons. We created a theme that can be built in pieces allowing them to choose what is included on each page and what is not.

Features of their block theme:

  • A bold, bright theme to feature their quirky content
  • Individual custom blocks for arranging as they please
  • Content blocks for showing off different categories of posts
A grid of buttons showing blog categories

Custom Blocks to Build With

Potted wanted to be able to edit their site on a whim. We created each section of their website as a block that they can add, edit and move around at will, making the design completely adjustable.

Some of the custom blocks designed:

  • Featured blogs: Choose your posts to feature
  • Category Feature: Feature different categories of their posts and easily re-arrange and change them
  • Affiliate Product Feature: Show off some chosen affiliate products in a off-screen looping slider
  • Marquee Text: Looping text going across the screen like the NASDAQ. Text can be updated easily.
  • Video Background with Content Overlay
  • Color Block: A colored, full-width background with flexible content
  • Logo Block: A block containing a spinning text logo with bold logo on top.