Unique Website Designs: The Splash Section

The “splash” section of a website is the first thing customers see when visiting your website. It fills their entire screen and is the first impression you give as a business. A bright, clear and fun design is essential for keeping your client base engaged and wanting to see more. One of our favorite parts of creating a new website is creating the unique design tailored to the needs of our individual client’s business. With that being said, here are 8 examples of unique splash sections for websites, designed by us. Which is your favorite?   1. Neon Business saskatoon web design 2. Woodstock Waves saskatoon web design 3. Halo Hero saskatoon web design 4. Organic Shop saskatoon web design 5. All Business Blue saskatoon web design 6. Animation Station saskatoon web design 7. Bold Black saskatoon web design 8. Gone Camping saskatoon web design *The more you know: Lorem Ipsum text, as you see on these designs, is a developer placeholder language meant to show you the design without showing biased content. Needing a website of your own? Have your own website designed by us!