From Soil to Soul

Business Type Lifestyle Blogger

Create a new website using most of the existing design but adding in modern features. Content needs to be easily updated and modified by website owner. Page speed and dashboard performance need to be improved greatly. Custom blog templates need to be made to separate recipes, grow guides and normal blog content. An affiliate store needs to be made that is easily updated with affiliate products from various sources.

Curated Blog Features

A large blog requires custom features. We built From Soil to Soul a theme designed specifically for their Gardening needs. From changing post templates depending on blog content and recipe blogs that automatically enable Rich Results.


  • Custom Blog Filtering
  • Changeable Blog Post Templates
  • Rich Results Enabled
  • Live Instagram Feed
  • Pinterest Pin It Buttons
  • Custom Pinterest image selection

Food Blog Optimized

We optimized From Soil to Soul’s theme for Rich Text Results so they get noticed. Foodie features were built in.

The features built in were:

  • No Lock Mode: a toggle to allow your users to keep their phone from going dark when reading your recipe
  • Jump to Recipe button: an easy way to get to the goods, fast!
  • Measurement conversions: Your users can easily scale up your recipes and change from metric to weights, no extra work required.
  • Custom Post Layout: we didn’t want their food blogs to look like their gardening posts so we custom built different layouts to highlight both.

Adding a Custom Referral Store

Affiliate links are an important part to a bloggers toolkit. A custom storefront is even more special. Here we’ve built in custom filtering of items, images, descriptions and an easy to manage system to add and categorize new items that link straight to the storefront.

Features include:

  • Easily managed products: add, delete, adjust descriptions and images, update links with ease
  • Custom Order: arrange items as you please, or set order to be automatic.
  • Categorize and Filter: Quick filters can be easily re-ordered, updated or changed to keep up with growth and change. The filtering is quick and increases user satisfaction while sorting through your products.
  • See More Items Button: Infinite load or load with a click. A Modern touch to eliminate pagination and keep users on the site
  • Custom Design: your storefront should look special, here we’ve added a custom banner that From Soil to Soul can easily update and change as they please
  • Live Instagram Feed: keeping users up to date with what you have going on in the social realm

A Block Theme for Easy Editing

From Soil to Soul needed flexibility. From building out new pages to re-ordering their site as the seasons change we built them a custom WordPress block theme to suit. Gutenberg blocks are optimized for fast loading times and also makes it easy to update and modify the site’s content, ensuring that it remains up-to-date and relevant for visitors.

Features of Block Themes:

  • Easily update content: Your page editor looks just like your page. Edit content in place, it’s as easy as typing
  • Performance Ready: Gutenberg blocks are WordPress’ preferred way of editing sites. Sites are not only easy to update but they load quickly. Loading your pages quickly is important, we wrote a blog all about the SEO benefits
  • Custom Blocks: We create you custom blocks that match your design. These sections can be added anywhere in your website and the content can be updated within
Custom Block 1: Image with Flexible Content
Custom block 2: Images with Overlay
Custom block 3: Subscribe Form
  • Re-arrange & Build Pages: Want to add a new section to another page? Just click “Add Block” and looking through your custom block selection. Need one section before another, just “Move Up”

Technical Advice

We include complimentary technical advice with all of our website builds.
We advise on hosting, security, performance and future updates.

Technical Adjustments for From Soil to Soul:

  • Migration to a new hosting service

  • Set up of Google Ads

  • Implementation of reCAPTCHA