Business Type Tech Start-ups

Create a large-scale social platform. Allow users to find & book “experiences” near them, see what experiences their friends are doing and follow hosts offering things they want to do. As well, allow users to become outfitters and host local experiences, manage bookings, collect payment, schedule dates & interact with users booking their experience.

Service Solution

Website Development Website Design

  • UI/UX Design
  • Custom Booking & Registration
  • Technical Assistance
UI/UX Design

The first impression

Your homepage should leave an impact. It is the first impression you will leave on potential customers. Xperium’s clear, yet concise navigation allows their users to find the information they need, intuitively. Great design choices create a lasting impression and boost customer retention. For Xperium, we chose bold colors, large illustrations and a clear brand message, front and center. The site has a fun, sense of adventure to get the user excited for what lay ahead.

An elegant solution for
complex problems

Xperium needed a robust platform for their hosts to run their business through the site. Host’s needed a way to check their upcoming schedule, post new experiences, collect payment and communicate with customers booking their experiences. Customers needed a way to view what experiences they had upcoming, leave a review for an experience they had just attended, and also a way to search, view, book and pay for the experiences they see on the site. Xperium has a clean and simple design to make the complexity of the tasks at hand, manageable and clear. All functionality was built in an elegant and intuitive manner to make working on the site, a pleasant experience. Both the hosts and the users can find their way around the site easily to do a multitude of tasks.

Site Features

  • Schedule & Booking system
  • Payment management for customers and hosts
  • A complex experience builder with image uploading, customizable date scheduling, and more.
  • Social Aspects: liking, following, newsfeed
  • Dynamic search: location/distance based, categories & advanced ai search results