The End of Work-From-Home? Not If You Like Productivity

Now that restrictions are being lifted and we are all starting to head back to office, some considerations should be […]

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Now that restrictions are being lifted and we are all starting to head back to office, some considerations should be made toward workplace happiness. Happy workers are more creative, more productive and also more engaged. This means that creating a happier work environment funnels more creative, engaged, positive energy into your company. We firmly believe that happy workers produce better results, in fact, research shows that this is the case. Small changes to your business can benefit your company in many ways, including a 40% increase in productivity.

Want a more productive office? Here’s 6 ways you can foster more cheerful employees and the benefits of doing so:

1) Encourage vacation days. Holidays are given for a reason, be an employer that encourages time off. Research shows that employees who take days off are not only happier but vacation improves an employee’s focus and alleviates burnout.

2) Consider a flexible work schedule. Have a worker who is more productive from 7-3pm and another 9-5pm? Let them work when they are most engaged. The cross-over between hours still allows for collaboration between workers, while the choice of hours boosts employee happiness. There are many benefits to allowing employees to adopt flexible work hours, including increased retention and the attraction of top talent. Not to mention, it is cost-efficient and eco-friendly, and we could all use a little more of that these days.

3) Normalize work environment accommodations. Have someone who needs quiet to think? Allow them to close their door and buckle down. Alternatively, implement a “work mode” so your employees can set their status letting others know they are not to be interrupted or are open for communication. You can also foster collaboration for your extroverted workers by creating “thought-zones” around the office where people can gather and converse.

4) Implement a 4 day work week. I know it sounds like less will be done, but that is just not the case! Not only will your workers be more productive and energized but companies who offer 4 day work weeks save on 23% overhead costs and a 40% increase in productivity.

5) Be location independent. Allow your workers who can work remotely, work remotely. If the pandemic has taught us anything it’s that we don’t always need an office-space to produce great results. In fact studies have found that productivity can increase, less sick days are taken and workers reported higher work satisfaction by working from home. Satisfied workers are, you guessed it, happier.

6) Relax that dress code. Let your employees dress how they’re comfortable. Studies show that 61% of employees are more productive in casual clothes. You can still implement loose guidelines (think, no holes or stains) but loosen up your grip and enjoy the fruits of your employees comfort.

All in all, the more attractive you make your company the better talent you will recruit. Who wouldn’t want to work for a company that wants to make their employees happy? and who wouldn’t want to own a business that attracts top talent?

At Cloud Creations we love to invest in our employees well-being and we like building websites for businesses that think the same. As a tech company we are proud to offer an alternative work environment for our workers. This isn’t just for our welfare, our clients directly benefit from our happy web developers too. We are a happy company that loves making websites for other happy companies. If that’s you, let’s work together. You’ll be met with a big, albeit virtual, smile!

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash